Mrs. K 1/3/2020

Mrs. K 1/3/2020

A sense of acomplishment

We homeshool and we use art in so much of our schooling since that is what I went to college for. I have seen their drawing skills and attention to detail improve so much using this program. It's also helped in ways that were unexpected with my boy who gets frustrated easy. He pushes through and starts over a lot, and the sense of acomplishment alone! He is learning to just relax and enjoy it!
Jumelle16  10/15/2019

Jumelle16 10/15/2019

Amazing app and how to draw videos

I’ve used Art for Kids Hub for years as an art teacher, and when they put out their own streaming service and app, I downloaded it and subscribed almost immediately. I knew my kids and students alike would love it. I cannot say enough great things about this app and this service.
Kropps4 05/27/2019

Kropps4 05/27/2019

Best App Ever!

We LOVE arthub! Our 6 year old has been watching your videos for a year now & we just found your app! Thank you so much for all the cool videos & fun stuff to draw. And now our whole family sits down to draw & color together!

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